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Reck Agri Realty & Auction is your source for farm and ranch real estate services in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. We are licensed in all 3 states to list and sell agricultural properties by auction or by private treaty. Reck Agri Realty & Auction has successfully sold over 900 farm and land properties to date. With ag real estate experience, integrity, and a complete marketing package, we continue to be at the forefront of the farm and ranch real estate market. We help our sellers with all the details. Guide them until they make the decision to sell, and beside them from listing through closing. As our saying goes, "We sell farm and ranch real estate...differently."

If you’re interested in buying land or agricultural real estate, check out our properties for sale on the Upcoming Land Auctions page and the Private Listings For Sale page. If you’re interested in hiring a farm and ranch brokerage company to list your land for sale in Colorado, Nebraska, or Kansas, check out the Real Estate Services section or About Us.  See what those we have worked with have to say about us... Testimonials.

Do you want to keep up with current land values? Check out our recently Sold Properties to get an idea of what is selling in the agricultural and rural real estate market. Do you need answers to frequently asked questions or a real estate definition? Would you like to read articles relevant to agricultural real estate? Are you looking for a professional with farm and ranch real estate expertise, or a company who provides services to the agricultural community? Check out our convenient Resource Library! Do you want to view a live land auction or bid live online instead of being at the auction in person? Check out Auction Login to create an auction account and to register to participate in any of our farm and land auctions. 

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