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GRATEFUL REFLECTIONSThis past May, we took my 87 year old mother-in-law to France to follow in the footsteps of her Uncle Laurance, who lost his life July 26, 1918 during World War I, at the Battle of Château-Thierry.... More

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LAND NEWS > Fall 2018 • Issue 23

 AN UPDATE ON LAND VALUESLAND VALUES • COMMODITY PRICES • INTEREST RATES COMPARISONYEARS 2000 - 2018This past year has been an active one. Since the last newsletter, we have closed on 101... More

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CONSIDERING SELLING? NOW IS THE TIME TO SCHEDULEYOUR AUCTION OR LIST YOUR PROPERTY FOR SALE!We offer a choice.We sell by private treaty and by live and online auction.We listen, get to... More

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NE Lease

NOTICE TO TERMINATE NEBRASKAFARM LEASESWhenever we sell property in Nebraska, if there is a farm lease, questions arise as to the rights of both the landlord and the tenant. If a landowner is contemplating a sale of... More

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Relationships key to Marc Reck's real estate success Long-time land broker values clients' trust; Sara Waite

Business/agricultureBy Sara Waite, Journal-Advocate EditorWalking through the front doors of Reck Agri Realty and Auction is like walking into a trophy room of sorts.The framed items that line the walls say a lot about... More

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Selling Property with Leases

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN SELLING PROPERTY WITH LEASESQuite often when we sell a property,the property is leased to a tenant. The majority of leases are verbal while some are written, with many leases being in place for... More

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Sharing Our Experience

After 35+ years in the business and over 1,400 transactions, we’ve experienced many situations. With each transaction, we’ve learned something. And rather than keep our knowledge to ourselves, we want to give back... More

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Summer 2017 - Land Values Update, Marc Reck

You may have seen this graph before. We’ve used it to illustrate past trends between land values, interest rates, and commodity prices. Along the way, we’ve witnessed unprecedented ups and the subsequent decline of... More

Online-Only Auction  Land for Sale

Introducing Timed Oline-Only Auctions

GET THE APP! SEARCH RECK AGRI IN THE APP STOREWhen it comes to farm or ranch property, we offer a choice of selling via private treaty or auction. While we’ve been very successful with both... More

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Land News - Winter 2016

 We’re hearing the same basic questions lately. Is the land market continuing to soften? What will happen if I hold onto my  land? What effect will the election have on land values?As far as... More