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Commodity Market & Prices

In economics, a commodity is the generic term for any marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs. Economic commodities comprise goods and services. Soft commodities are goods that are grown, while hard commodities are the ones that are extracted through mining.
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Land News - Winter 2016

 We’re hearing the same basic questions lately. Is the land market continuing to soften? What will happen if I hold onto my  land? What effect will the election have on land values?As far as... More

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Tight Budgets Likely to Persist in 2017

Tight BudgetsBy Brent Gloy and David Widmar,Agricultural Economic Insights, LLCi(www.ageconomists.com )Tight Budgets Likely to Persist in 2017 Now since the 2016 crop is harvested, attention is... More

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RECREATIONAL PROPERTIES SELLING WELLOn October 12, 2016 Reck Agri Realty & Auction sold two properties along the South Platte River at Orchard, CO and Merino, CO. Both properties included both sides... More


TRI-STATE LAND OWNERS    LAND MARKET UPDATE5 FACTORS INFLUENCING LAND VALUESEvery day we’re asked the same basic questions:  “Has the land market softened? What should I... More

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Land Market Update 2014 - Marc Reck

THE FUTURE OF LAND VALUES: A Bold PredictionMarc Reck December 2014The graph to the right shows land values, commodity prices, and interest rates since 2000. For the past 5 years, we have experienced unprecedented farm... More

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Land Market Update - Marc Reck

0ver the past several years, we have experienced unprecedented commodity prices, land values, and net farm income. As you well know, the lower commodity prices we’ve experienced the past sever-al... More

Triple-Net Lease- Alternative to Farmland Investment

Have you reached a point in your life as a landowner where you are thinking about retirement, but aren't quite sure what to do? Are you tired of managing property, thinking about selling, but don't know where to... More