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Farm Leases

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NE Lease

NOTICE TO TERMINATE NEBRASKAFARM LEASESWhenever we sell property in Nebraska, if there is a farm lease, questions arise as to the rights of both the landlord and the tenant. If a landowner is contemplating a sale of... More

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Selling Property with Leases

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN SELLING PROPERTY WITH LEASESQuite often when we sell a property,the property is leased to a tenant. The majority of leases are verbal while some are written, with many leases being in place for... More


TRI-STATE LAND OWNERS            LEASING PROPERTYSELLING PROPERTY WITH LEASES: WHAT DO I CONSIDER?Quite often when we sell a property, the property is leased... More

Nebraska Farm Lease Termination

Rising crop prices have led many landlords to seek renegotiation of lease terms, particularly cash rents.  Most Nebraska leases are unwritten, which means that notice of termination must be given six months in advance, usually by August 31. If the landlord cannot... More

Real-Time Internet Land Auctions from Reck Agri

Since 2005 Reck Agri Realty & Auction has used the Internet and third-party vendors to provide online bidding for our land auctions. Unfortunately, online bidders could not see the multi-parcel spreadsheets that... More

Triple-Net Lease- Alternative to Farmland Investment

Have you reached a point in your life as a landowner where you are thinking about retirement, but aren't quite sure what to do? Are you tired of managing property, thinking about selling, but don't know where to... More