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Land News - Winter 2016

 We’re hearing the same basic questions lately. Is the land market continuing to soften? What will happen if I hold onto my  land? What effect will the election have on land values?

As far as land values go, properties are selling. Just not at the pace or price they were several years ago. Values seem to have stabilized this past year from the initial devaluation. Buyer demand is limited. Propertyi location, quality, condition, and how a property is priced determines the interest in the property. With regard to property coming on the market to sell, land is being sold to reduce debt and also because of the aging generation of landowners. Families, retirees and/or estates are selling before land goes down any further and to solve their situations.

What the future holds for land values will depend on many factors, with the main one being commodity prices. Included within this newsletter is an insightful article written by Brent Gloy, economist and farmer in Perkins County, NE who provides insight to the future of commodity prices.

As evidenced by the electoral college map, rural America voted conservatively. Although many are happy with the results, there are questions and concerns on how the policies of new administration will affect agriculture. The main concern is trade. How will the renegotiating or canceling of trade agreements affect the exporting of commodities? The other areas to watch will be capital gains tax rates, personal and business income taxes, EPA regulations, estate taxes, and rising interest rates.

If you are considering selling property in a more challenging land market, there may be an increased need to use the services of a real estate broker. Please see the article on “NOW MORE THAN EVER, YOU NEED THE RIGHT BROKER” for more information about what to look for when choosing someone to work with.

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