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Land Auction Login Instructions




Reck Agri Realty & Auction provides LIVE WEBCAST & BIDDING on Land Auctions.
(Please Register to bid at least 24 hours prior to auction.)

 With this innovative client service, you can join our land auction online. View and bid on our live land auction interface from the comfort of home or office during the auction. Our online auction and bidding platform greatly extends the reach of our auctions by allowing more buyers to bid on a property, regardless of location. If you live in another state or cannot attend the auction in person, or if you are simply curious to see how the auction process works, Reck Agri invites you to create an auction login, and view our next live land auction. See the sample live action video at the bottom of this page.

Notei, If you are viewing from an iPad or tablet device, download puffin browser to watch or bid online.

STEP 1: Create a username and password. To watch one of our live auctions — whether or not you choose to bid — you first must create an account and obtain a USERNAME and PASSWORD. Click on the "Register Now" button. Be sure to record YOUR USERNAME and PASSWORD in a safe place so you have them available to access current and future auctions.

STEP 2: Log in with your new username and password.
Watch auctions live, without bidding. Bidding is not necessary to watch our live auction webcasts. After you have established a user name and password, log in to view live auction. (Live Auction Broadcasts begin approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled auction start time.

STEP 3: Bidder Registration. Register to bid online during the land auction.
After you have established a username and password, Log In and select bidder registration for the land auction property you wish to bid on. (Please Register to bid at least 24 hours prior to auction.)

Proxy Bid. Fill out a Proxy Bid Form if you cannot make it to the auction or prefer not to bid online? 


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Click to see how to Log in; Register to Bid and Place Bid Online. 

Sample Auction Screen...

reck agri online bidding, bid online, remote land auction

Reck Agri Realty & Auction provides Internet services to allow online bidding and live broadcast of our auctions. Reck Agri Realty & Auction is not responsible for interruption, loss, or speed of Internet service that would affect the ability for the bidder to submit a bid and the auctioneer to accept a bid.  Contact Us at 970-522-7770970-522-7770  for more information.