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USDA to Conduct Drought Workshops for Farmers, First Stop in Nebraska

The USDA released a blog post October 5, 2012, with a message that may be good news to struggling farmers in Colorado, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Ohio. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack wrote that the USDA will partner with other federal agencies to…


Social Media for Agriculture: Nebraska Corn Board

Social Media in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent as the booming online community grows. There are practically endless amounts of applications that the working world uses but for now, Reck Agri is concentrating on Facebook, Twitter &…


Current Land Market Editorial

How is the Land Market? Is property moving? Are values up or down? Have you sold much? Who is buying? Who is selling? These questions are often asked of me. My response is, during the first 9 months of 2010, the land market was quiet with the last…


Consignment Land Auction- An Effective Solution

Sometimes an individual property is too small to sell effectively at auction. In this case, the best solution is to include the property in a consignment land auction. A consignment land auction pools multiple sellers and their properties into a…


Real-Time Internet Land Auctions from Reck Agri

Since 2005 Reck Agri Realty & Auction has used the Internet and third-party vendors to provide online bidding for our land auctions. Unfortunately, online bidders could not see the multi-parcel spreadsheets that were projected onto large screens at…


Triple-Net Lease- Alternative to Farmland Investment

Have you reached a point in your life as a landowner where you are thinking about retirement, but arenít quite sure what to do? Are you tired of managing property, thinking about selling, but donít know where to reinvest to earn more than a CD? Are…


Reports Say Rapid Rise in Land Values and Farm Income

I found this article very informative regarding farm and land values.
It was written by Paul Neiffer, The Farmi CPA
FEB 16, 2011


Reck Agri Records a Record Sales Year

Reck Agri Realty & Auction sold over 51,000 acres in the past 12 months. We conducted 19 real estate auctions, negotiated 19 private treaty sales, and coordinated and closed 81 transactions. Each auction set record prices for the time of year and…


Nebraska Farm Lease Termination

Whenever we sell property in Nebraska and there is a landlord/tenant lease arrangement, questions arise as to the rights of both the landlord & the tenant. If a landlord is contemplating a sale of their property, the August 31st notice of termination…