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What’s YOUR Land Worth Today?
    For many, ownership of land is their livelihood, retirement, legacy, inheritance, and/or way of life. The fluctuation of land values personally affects everyone. Important decisions may need to be made. The discussion surrounding values should be straightforward and honest. Let’s not sugarcoat it. The land market has softened. We created this graph to show the correlation between commodity prices, land values and interest rates since 2000. You’ll see that starting in 2010, we experienced what could be a once-in-a-lifetime perfect storm resulting in historic income and growth within the Agricultural community.  More...

Is the land market continuing to soften? What will happen if I hold onto my land? What effect will the election have on land values?

    As far as land values go, properties are selling. Just not at the pace or price they were several years ago. Values seem to have stabilized this past year from the initial devaluation. Buyer demand is limited. Propertyi location, quality, condition, and how a property is priced determines the interest in the property. With regard to property coming on the market to sell, land is being sold to reduce debt and also because of the aging generation of landowners. Families, retirees and/or estates are selling before land goes down any further and to solve their situations. More....

Why do I need a Brokeri?

Owning property is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever have. If and when the decision to sell is made, and now with a downturn in the ag economy with fewer buyers, it’s even more important to involve a professional to insure a thorough and successful transaction. Be sure to choose the right real estate broker – one who knows the ins and outs of both the transaction and the market conditions. Here are reasons to use a broker.

1) BUFFER/COORDINATOR - A broker acts as a buffer between buyer and seller, allowing all parties to make sound, independent, unbiased, and unemotional business decisions. A broker also coordinates all people involved in the transaction such as attorneys, bankers, CPAs, title agents, lenders, and tenants More...

Selling Property With Leases: What do I Consider?

Quite often when we sell a property, the property is leased to a tenant.  The majority of leases are verbal while some are written. Many leases have been in place for years, or even generations. When the decision to sell is made, both the tenant and the landowner make the following assumptions: 1) With a verbal lease, the landowner may terminate the lease at any time; and 2) Since the tenant has the lease, the tenant should have the right to buy the property. More...

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