Live vs Online Only Bidding

At Reck Agri Realty, we offer two types of land auction formats:  Live Auction or Online Only Auction. What’s the difference?

Live Auction

Bidders attend in person at a designated location or may view or bid via the internet or phone at a specified time. All bidding is done live and in real time during the actual live auction. Call us at 970-522-7770 for more information.

On auction day call Marc during a break at 970-520-5656 or to place a phone bid, call Ben at 970-520-4871 or Jennifer at 970-580-2749.

Live Auction Login Instructions

Online Only Auction

Online Only auctions run for a period of time and bidding is done privately via mobile app, computer, or via phone call. For example, in an online only auction, bidding might open at 8:00 am Tuesday morning and continue until noon Thursday. Bids are updated in real time and bidders are notified with an alert if someone has outbid them.

Online Only Login Instructions

Reck Agri Realty provides online bidding and live broadcast of our auctions. Reck Agri is not responsible for interruption, loss, or speed of internet service that would affect the ability for the bidder to submit a bid and the auctioneer to accept a bid. Call Reck Agri prior to the auction for approval to bid and a detail brochure.