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Kickoff and Research for Listing an Ag Property

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Upon the first inquiry to sell a property and before meeting with the landowner to discuss values and the method of sale, Reck Agri will:


  • Create a file folder and fill out seller profile.

  • Research courthouse records for legal description of the property, property information, acreage, zoning, water rights, taxes, etc.

  • Create landownership, aerial FSA, topographic, and soils maps.

  • Draw property lines on all maps.

  • Accumulate comparable sales.

  • Inspect subject property, comparable sales, and complete the necessary research to complete the initial due diligence on the subject property.

  • If water rights are involved, check State of CO water record website or verify ditch company water rights.

  • Fill out property information and land valuation spreadsheet.

  • With Reck Agri's knowledge and experience of land values, market trends, water rights, etc., basic property ownership issues can help us analyze and interpret the above information to determine a realistic price, properly merchandise the property, and structure different transactions for different situations. 

  • Complete marketing proposal with property valuation, services provided, and recommended method of sale. 

  • After the completion of the inspection, research, and initial due diligence, we meet with the seller to review and discuss the marketing proposal, property valuation, preferred method of sale, and what needs to be dealt with on the property before it can be listed. Once an acceptable method of sale is determined by both the seller and broker which will maximize the highest value on the property, the terms and conditions of the sale, asking prices and/or reserves, parcel and combination splits, etc. are then negotiated. 

Marc Reck, broker, owner, and agricultural real estate auctioneer

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