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Listing & Advertising

  • Listing and Advertising of Propertyi for Sale

    • Order deeds from the title company to confirm how property is titled and the legal description.
    • Prepare listing contract, addendum, property disclosure statements, Lead-Based paint disclosure statements, etc. and FSA freedom of information release form.
    • Meet with Seller to sign listing agreements, disclosure statements, and FSA freedom of information release form.
    • Inspect property, take pictures, and GPS fence and property boundary lines.
    • Order To Be Determined title commitment from the title company.
    • Order from FSA office: 1.)  clean aerial photo; 2.) 156EZ form; 3.) Last year acreage report; 4.) CRP contracts; 5.) Conservation Plans; 6.) EQUIP contracts; and 7.)  Cost share agreements.
    • Growing crops:  Is the property leased, terms of lease, written or verbal.
    • Determine if and type chemicals applied to farmland.
    • Order schedule of crop insurance, APH, and assignment forms.
    • Is there Dump sites, underground fuel tanks, oil drenched soils etc.?
    • Is there noxious weeds and prairie dogs?
    • Review TBD title insurance commitment for requirements, title problems and determined if mineral rights have been reserved.
    • Order copies of exceptions to TBD title insurance commitment.
    • Inspect improvements for measurements, exclusions, inclusions, & review property disclosure statement, location of septic tank and domestic well. Propane tank included/excluded. 

      Selling the farm, land for sale, colorado, nebraska

    • Order domestic well permit and septic tank permit.
    • Exemption or special use permits from county.
    • Status of leases: tenant termination?
    • State Lease: Copy, annual payment, possessory use tax, transfer fee.
    • Order efficiency test for irrigation wells.
    • Research or order from State, irrigation well logs, final permits, completion reports, and/or court decrees. Check legal acres & well location.
    • Call irrigation district to verify water rights, legal irrigated acres, remaining acre inches, water assessments, district acres, & copy of bonded acre map.
    • Description of irrigation equipment.
    • The Ditch company: verify shares of stock, delivery and assessment, locate original water stock certificate.
    • Verify irrigation wells are in augmentation plan, cost, past depletions covered, credits, and assessments. 
    • Service contract w/REA.
    • From picture file: select color brochure front page pics, address page pics, inside panoramic pics, and top 10 pics;  select website 10 pics, landing page pics,  front page panoramic pic, Virtual tour panoramic and single pics; Buyer information meeting and auction power point property pics; website database pics; YouTube pics from Virtual tour; select pics for newspaper ads.
    • Fill out property information reconciliation spreadsheet and draw maps for color brochure.Sample Color Brochure
    • Mark on aerial map where R/E signs to be located, # of signs, and order signage.
    • Create color brochure with pictures, property descriptions, terms and conditions, and aerial parcel and location maps.
    • Email pdf of color brochure to Publication Printing with query of surrounding landowners to mail to.  Publication Printing mails color brochure.
    • Write property ads, determine and schedule newspapers to run ads, email ads. Fencepost Ad Sample
    • Pick up signage, place on signs, and place on property for sale.
    • Website: post auction or property for sale announcement;  determine keywords, meta tags, landing page copy,  & content & write website style sheet; create & install Visual Tour, create & install YouTube, create & install pdf of color brochure; create &  install digital brochure; create & install digital detail brochure; post 10 pictures and landing page pictures and copy;
    • Google Ad campaign:  email Blue Tent copy, keywords, & budget.
    • Email Seller pdf of color brochure and link to website.
    • Blue Tent optimize for search engines property information.
    • Email Seller property information is on website.
    • Prepare email and social campaign blast.  The color brochures and links to websites are sent via email and social media.
    • Develop list to call of surrounding landowners, inquiries who have called for similar types of property, or return calls to those who have called on the property.
  • NEXT: Compile Due Diligence Details



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