We Sell Farm & Ranch Real Estate...Differently

Reck Agri Real Estate Services

When you hear of Reck Agri, you probably automatically think of selling land by auction. Although we're glad the connection is automatic, we offer a variety of real estate services from selling land by auction, to selling land by private treaty, to providing buyer broker services, and assisting in the transaction between a tenant and a landowner. Reckagri.com also offers an array of resources for both buyers and sellers, including a land owner's dictionary, a business directory, and helpful agricultural real estate articles. Because of the situation and or the property, auction may not always be the ideal method of selling a property. We are a unique regional real estate company that provides a CHOICE on how you would like to sell your farm or land. No matter what the CHOICE may be, Reck Agri brings buyers and sellers together with the same effort we bring sellers and bidders together at auctions. We at Reck Agri bring experience and a dedicated support staff, and we are known for getting the job done.  We Sell Farmi & Ranch Real Estatei . . . Differently.

To better understand Reck Agri’s rural real estate services, review the following subjects below.

About Us - See our philosophy and process of selling with Reckagripedia, Client Testimonials, Quick Facts, Meet the Staff and more.

Land Brokerage Service – We not only sell by auction, we sell land by private treaty, represent a buyer as a buyer broker, and/or represent a buyer or seller in a transaction.

What We Do For You – Many do not exactly everything a real estate brokerage company does do prepare, market, sell, and close a sale of a property.  What VALUE does a real estate brokerage company provide. Please read

Marketing Services – Please read our marketing services section, as this outlines how we market a property for sale, whether by auction or private treaty.

Auction Services – We not only sell land at auction, we offer variety of other types of auctions like multi-seller land auctions, water rights auctions, and farm equipment auctions. Read on to understand why it's a good idea to sell by auction, the different types of auctions available, and how to make an auction successful.

Why Sell by Auction? – For many years auctions were considered method of selling as a last resort. For us, auctions are our method of choice. Read on to understand the benefits of selling land, equipment, or water rights by auction.

For an Auction to be Successful – We at Reck Agri firmly believe there are core fundamentals that must be followed for an auction to be successful. Abiding by these fundamentals and using our professional auction format and system is the reason our auctions are so successful. Read on to understand these fundamentals.

Type of Auctions - We take pride in the way we sell land by public multi parcel auction. Sellers are offer variety of ways they would like to market their property.  We offer multi seller land auction, seller reserve, no reserve, published reserve, water right auction, & equipment auction.