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We take pride in what we do and like to share information and news on a regular basis to benefit our clients. Land News provides up to date articles on agricultural real estate, our land sales and values, and other land owner issues. Read past issues of Land News below. Join our mailing list by clicking here

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Land NewsNewsletter Summer 2016

What's YOUR Land Worth Today?
Land Market Update
Seller Testimonials
Selling Properties with Leases: What Do I Consider?

December 2014 Reck Agri Newsletter, reck agri land news Newsletter December 2014

Reck Agri - New Location
Seller Testimonials
Land Market Update
Summary of Land Sales

December 2013 Reck Agri Real Estate Newsletter Newsletter December 2013

Reck Agri - New Location
Seller Testimonials
Land Market Update
Summary of Land Sales

Ag News, Reck Agri, Farm and Ranch Sales, Farm Real Estate

Newsletter December 2012

Record Land Values Continue
How to Keep Your Family Business Intact
Summary of Sales Feb 2012 through December 2012
Reck Agri Ranks 14th in the Nation
9News Interview with Gregg Moss

Land News 2012 Newsletter January 2012

Record Land Values Continue
Meet the Staff & Valued Partners
Summary of Sales July 2011 through December 2011
Land for Sale

Newsletter July 2011 Land News July 2011

Nebraska Farm Lease Termination
Record Sales Year!
Results 2010 through June 2011


Land News February 2011

Land News February 2011

Cutting-Edge Strategies to Keep You Informed
Consignment Land Auction - An Effective Solution
Real-Time Internet Land Auction
Triple-Net Lease - Alternative to Farmland Investment

Land News 2010Land News 2010

How May We Help You?
Ranked 16th in the Nation.
Marc Reck - Market Editorial
Land for Sale

Land News July 2009Land News 2009

Current Land Market
Consignment Land Auction
Marc Reck - Editorial
Equipment Auction
Changing The Way to Sell the Farm
Succession of Property Ownership & Management, CSU
2002-2009 Auction Results

Land News - Fall 1993 Land News - Reck Agri Realty & Auction 1993

1993-1994 Land Sales Forecast
Common Real Estate Closing Problems
Avoiding the Pain (Taxes) - George M. Straw
Do You Know Your Basis - Linda L Klemme, CPA