Cottonwood Ranch

Sedgwick County, CO 11,017± Acres



This property is sold

Seldom does a property such as the Cottonwood Ranch become available for sale in northeast Colorado of this size and blocked together as one unit. This ranch is situated 8± miles northeast of Crook, CO or 18± miles southwest of Julesburg, CO in Sedgwick County adjacent to the eastern Logan County line. This 11,017± acre ranch offers a well-balanced combination of irrigated cropland, sub-irrigated meadows and recreational land, live water along Cottonwood Creek, a large block of deeded pasture and state lease land. Adjacent to Julesburg Reservoir – hunting and recreational opportunities are endless!


  • Sedgwick County, CO
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Quick Facts

  • Cottonwood Ranch
  • Listing #192066
  • 11,017± Total Acres
  • 8,184± Deeded Acres
  • 2,833± State Lease in three separate leases
  • Sedgwick County, CO
  • 18± miles SW of Julesburg, CO
  • 8± miles NE of Crook, CO
  • Adjacent to Julesburg Reservoir (Jumbo)
  • 634 Julesburg Irrigation District (JID) Acres
  • Additional water rights from Cottonwood Creek
  • 540± acres irrigated cropland via six pivots
  • 52± acres flood irrigated cropland
  • 2,203± acres sub-irrigated pasture
  • Year-round live water along Cottonwood Creek
  • Multiple ponds and canals across the property
  • Great hunting and recreational opportunities
  • Multiple homes, cattle working facilities, concrete bunk, and large calving barn
  • Easily accessible and conveniently situated between I-76 and I-80

Property Details

Property Details

This property is sold Color Brochure


Well balanced NE Colorado ranch with pivot irrigation, sub-irr meadows, live water, and state lease and deeded pasture. Adjacent to Jumbo Reservoir – hunting and recreational opportunities!


Contact listing office for complete legal description.


479± Acres Pivot Irrigated
52± Acres Flood Irrigated
2,102± Acres Sub-Irr Pasture / Recreation
5,551± Acres Pasture/Site
8,814± Acres TOTAL Deeded

State Lease:
61± Acres Pivot Irrigated
16± Acres Dryland/Roads
101± Acres Sub-Irr Pasture
2,655± Acres Pasture
2,833± Acres TOTAL State Lease


Deeded: 224.0 ac corn base w/ 113 bu PLC yield and 65.4 ac wheat base w/ 59 bu PLC yield.
State Lease: 44.7 ac corn base w/ 113 bu PLC yield and 13.1 ac wheat base w/ 59 bu PLC yield.


Deeded: 570 District Acres in Julesburg Irrigation District (JID); irrigation rights from Cottonwood Creek (McWilliams Canal – 8.0 cfs with priority date 1907; Parker Ditch – 15.0 cfs with priority date 1928)
State Lease: 64 District Acres in JID


Deeded: 5 pivots – 2 Reinkes (’08 6-tower; ’11 7-tower); 2 Zimmatics (both ’04 7-tower); 1 Valley (older 8-tower); booster pumps/motors
State Lease: 1 pivot – ’08 Reinke 9-tower; booster pump/motor


Mineral rights are reserved.


Negotiable depending on time of year property sells; available for 2021 growing season.


Negotiable depending on time of year property sells; available for 2021.


2019 R/E Taxes: $14,780 (estimated will change after exchange)
2020 Julesburg Irrigation District Assessments: Deeded: $13,965; State Lease: $1,568


Asking Price: $6,500,000


Good funds at closing.


Call listing office to schedule a showing appointment. Subject to final approval and completion of exchange with Colorado State Land Board. State Lease land will be offered in three separate leases with new 10-year contracts.

All terms are subject to change and/or negotiable depending on time of year property sells. Terms negotiated in purchase contract take precedent over any printed marketing materials.