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Erker Grain Company - North Unit



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627,026+/- BU STORAGE

The Erker Grain Company is a merchandiser and worldwide distributer of grain, millet, birdseed, sunflower and other products. Their north property, located at 113 Ensign in Fort Morgan, CO, includes grain and seed elevator with storage, processing plant, and offloading facility.  The facility includes 627,026+/- bushels of storage, office, warehousing space, truck scale, grain and millet cleaners, seed and bagging equipment, and access to BNSF railroad spur to load and unload product. A description of the physical attributes of the property will be described in further detail within this brochure.

The true intrinsic value of this property which creates opportunities is: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Erker Grain is centrally located within the Great Plains of the U.S. For product to purchase, this location provides reliable access to the quantity, quality, and varietals necessary to purchase, process, and sell to their worldwide customer base. Their customer grower base is not only local and regional, but extends from South Dakota to the panhandle of Texas. To distribute the final product, Erker Grain is also centrally located within the U.S. with access to interstate highways and rail lines providing transportation access to the east, west, and Gulf coast ports. Truck and rail intermodal hubs & facilities in Denver are within 80 miles of Erker Grain via I - 76.  This is further evidenced by Erker Grain easily exporting product globally to customers in the U.S., Mexico, Middle East, Israel, and Spain, to name just a few.  Finally, the opportunity to expand is limitless with Erker Grain’s strategic location within Morgan County, Northeast Colorado, and the front  range in relation to Colorado’s growing and emerging dairy industry. Erker Grain is the only facility in Morgan County and Northeast Colorado providing offloading of Canola meal/pellets (valuable dairy protein feed supplement) from rail to warehousing storage and/or rail to truck. In Colorado alone, the dairy industry contributes $594.2 million to the economy each year, 5th in average dairy cow herd size and 15th in total milk production in the U.S.

LOCATION: Erker Grain is located from the Interstate 76 / Fort Morgan Exit 80,  one mile south on Main Street, one block west to Ensign Street. Ensign Street provides access from the east and Meeker Street  provides access from the west  to the office, scales, elevator facilities, and rail spurs.

Fifteen (15) 60 – 80 ft Grain concrete silos with storage capacity of 427,026 bu and one (1) rectangular concrete elevator; 5 silos are not connected to any warehouse or headhouse. Trucks gravity load from north side and by auger; 10 silos are connected via headhouse and grouped together with connecting warehouses. Between silos and throughout the site, there is above and below ground conveyor system with numerous tunnels and augers to move grain vertically throughout site; updated electrical control boxes and emergency shutoff systems; To unload and fill silos there is one (1) unloading pit with 4,000 bph elevator leg and one (1) unloading pit with 6,000 bph elevator leg extending up to 150 feet in elevation; augers and gravity-feeds from above silos; output capacity of 20,000 lbs. of grain/millet per house.

24,517 sq ft warehouse and production buildings: 9,266 sq feet flat warehouse storage with capacity of 200,000 bu; 3,842 sq ft office/warehouse building with half of the building being the office on east end and the other half shop/garage on the west. The office has been recently renovated with entry/waiting area for truckers, customers, employees; conference room, break room, restroom, open reception/work room; rear offices; small testing lab area. The shop is used for maintenance and vehicle repairs. Also, truck scales and grain sampling is located at the office. The remaining 11,409 sq ft is bagging, storage, cooler, and storage warehouse area. This area is used to process and store bagged product. The processing equipment includes 1 Crippin 388 grain/seed/millet cleaner (grain is loaded into machinery that shakes/filters to clean dirt, gravel, stems, other foreign items from the seeds and grains); bagging machine with above-head funnel that dumps grain into machine, loads bag, seals bags of 25 or 50 lbs, filters, sorters, conveyors and dust control systems with the output capacity of cleaning product at 20,000 lbs. per hour with 45,000 lbs. of product being processed and bagged in a 3-hour time period. The finished product is sold in bulk 50 lbs. and 25 lbs. bags. Dock-high level load out facility on west side of warehouse to load bagged seed onto trucks and/or rail. The current operation includes the following: 1.) Warehousing and offloading of Canola meal/pellets which occupies the flat warehouse storage area; 2.) Wheat, corn, sunflowers, and millet  occupies the vertical storage to be either be stored and shipped via truck or rail and/or cleaned and processed to be either shipped by bag or bulk via truck or rail.
Erker Grain currently leases the site (aka track #550) between their south property line and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway. This leased area connects to main BNSF Railway which is approximately 1,000 feet from the site.  Currently two 700-foot rail spurs are installed whereby railcars can be loaded/unloaded directly from Erker Grain. Up to 14 cars may be parked on the spur at any time. In addition, there is sufficient additional area on this site whereby Erker Grain has stored 300+ ton of whole cottonseed above ground (Fly ash concrete mix base). There is also sufficient area within this lease to extend the existing spurs and install an additional spur. Train cars dump product onto a conveyor under the tracks and move product via this underground conveyor to elevator storage.  Rail cars also can be loaded from silos. Product is also directly loaded via auger to truck.

PROPERTY ADDRESS: 113 Ensign Street, Fort Morgan, Colorado 80701

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Fort Morgan Original Town, Fort Morgan; Block 29, Lot 05 through Lot 12.

PRODUCT STORAGE/HANDLING CONTRACTS:  Currently Erker Grain has two contracts to store and handle product.  The first contract is with J.D. Heiskell for Erker Grain to receive by truck or rail, unload, store, and reload by truck or rail, grains and feed commodities (corn, wheat, millet, sunflowers, cotton seed, Canola meal/pellets etc.). The second contract is with Bunge Canada for Erker Grain to receive primarily Canola meal/pellets by rail, unload, store, and reload to truck.  Copies of the agreements are available upon request.

LAND AREA: 1.73 acres, or 75,248 sq ft  

ZONING:  B-2, Business District, City of Fort Morgan

UTILITIES:  City of Fort Morgan

REAL ESTATE TAXES: 2016 real estate taxes due in 2017:  $12,084.68

PERSONAL PROPERTY: List of the personal property for purchase is available upon request.  

ASKING PRICE:  $3,425,000


The information contained herein has either been given to us by the owner of the property or obtained from sources that we deem reliable. We have no reason to doubt its accuracy, but we do not guarantee it. Reck Agri Realty & Auction and the Seller assumes no responsibility for the omissions, corrections, or withdrawals. The location and aerial maps are not intended as a survey and are for general location purposes only. The prospective Buyer(s) should verify all information contained herein. All prospective buyers are urged to fully inspect the property, its condition and to rely on their own conclusions.  All equipment and improvements are to be sold AS IS-WHERE IS, without warranty, representation or recourse to Seller. Reck Agri Realty & Auction and all other agents of Broker are or will be acting as a  Transaction Broker.

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ASKING PRICE: $3,425,000

Quick Facts

  • Erker Grain Company For Sale
  • 627,026+/- Bu Storage
  • 24,517+/- sq ft warehouse, office & production buildings
  • Located @ 113 Ensign, Fort Morgan, CO
  • 1.73 deeded acres, BNSF lease area with 2 rail spurs
  • Centrally located within Great Plains to buy product
  • Centrally located to ship via highway & rail nationally & globally
  • Intermodal hub within 80 miles in Denver via I-76
  • Offloading of Canola meal/pellets from rail to storage and/or rail to truck
  • Cleans & processes millet & sunflowers to sell in 25# & 50# bags and tote
  • Ships via truck or by rail
  • ASKING PRICE: $3,425,000