V Lazy H Ranch Inc., Land Auction

Garden, Deuel, Keith and Cheyenne Counties, NE 3,373 Pasture, CRP & Dryland Acres



This property is sold

SUCCCESSFUL AUCTION…High Bids totalling $2,560,000.  See Comparitve Sales Tab for More Details!

V Lazy H Ranch Inc., is offering their Nebraska land located in Deuel, Cheyenne, Keith, & GardenCounties, NE for sale at auction. This auction includes a variety of property types including sandhill pasture, dry farmland, expiring CRP and rural acreages with parcel size ranging from 81 acres to 1,636.7 acres. This property is located in highly productive areas with desirable soils, grasses, and level to rolling terrain. The V Lazy H Ranch Inc., agricultural land for sale, is highly desirable and sought after. Purchaser(s) will have immediate possession of summerfallow on some of the parcels and will receive 50% of the owned mineral rights. The Multi Parcel Auction bidding format allows all bidders an equal opportunity to participate and purchase dryland of various sizes to expand your current operation or portfolio investing in farmland. Some of the property being sold has been within the same family for over 70 years and once sold, may never again be publicly offered for sale.

The V Lazy H Ranch Inc., property to be offered as a “MULTI PARCEL” Auction in 10 parcels, 3 combo’s, and one Tract as a Single Unit. The parcels, combo’s, and pasture single unit will be offered in the sale order as stated within the brochure.  The parcels, combo’s, and pasture single unit will compete to determine the highest aggregate bid(s) acceptable to the Sellers. Sellers reserve the right to accept or reject any and all bids.  Sellers agree not to accept and negotiate any contracts to purchase prior to auction date.

Bids will be taken for total purchase price not price per acre.

Call for terms, conditions and additional info.

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  • Garden, Deuel, Keith and Cheyenne Counties, NE
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Quick Facts

  • High Bids Total $2,560,000
  • Parcels near Lake McConaughy
  • Auction w/ Reserve.
  • 3,373 Acres – Western, NE
  • Pasture - CRP - Dryland
  • Multi Parcel Auction
  • Offered in 10 Parcels
  • 3 Combos
  • Pasture Unit
  • Desirable Soils