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Reck Agri - Getting the Word Out, Prepare for Auction Day and Finding Buyers

Reck Agri - Getting the Word Out, Prepare for Auction Day and Finding Buyers

John Korrey and Marc Reck

Once the Color Brochure, News Paper Ads and Social Media hits. Finding buyers is where we work the hardest.

Handle Showings, Calls, and Inquiries - Brokeri will handle all property showings, phone calls, and inquiries from buyers and provide any information requested to all parties.   Broker, to the best of his ability, will pre-qualify and screen buyers. In the case of a private treaty transaction, Broker presents and negotiates offers and counteroffers until an agreement is reached.

Report to Seller - Report to the seller including showing activity, customer comments, or anything relevant to the sale. 

Contact Lending Institutions - We will contact lending institutions interested in financing the real estate offered for sale.  Due to increased competition, lending institutions can be great promoters of properties for sale.  In addition, closings go much smoother if the lender is fully informed. 

Auction attendees

Buyer and Lender Informational Meeting to Promote, Answer Questions, and Build Buyer Confidence - Broker will advertise within the color brochure and all print ads, a buyer informational meeting to promote and answer questions regarding the auction.  The informational meeting builds buyer confidence by providing an opportunity for the buyer to ask questions and become comfortable with the auction and bidding format.  Cost paid by Broker.

Video Auction For Legal Record - We will video the auction and have the video available to the seller.  The video provides the evidence of the auction in the event a buyer or auction participant disputes what was said and/or what terms were stated.

1031 Exchanges - Broker will work to accommodate parties to the auction who may want to complete a 1031 Exchange.

Online Internet Bidding - We will provide online internet bidding for the auction. This allows buyers the opportunity to watch and/or participate in the auction offsite via computer.  The bids are entered onto the computer screen as they occur and there is live audio feed of the auctioneer with a 2 - 3 second delay.  The online bidder can enter his bid via the computer and this bid is passed onto the on-site ringmen and/or auctioneer.  Bidder must be pre-qualified prior to auction and approved before access is granted to participate in the auction.  This service provides your property to be broadcast world wide, accommodate buyers if they are unable to attend i.e. weather, business, vacation, and sometimes neighbors do not want the auction attendees to know who is bidding and may bid from their home computer. Internet bidding is available directly via Reck Agri Realty & Auction website whereby the screens being displayed at the auction will be simultaneously displayed in real time on our website. 

Pre – Auction & Auction Day

  • Check dates for Auction on Broker calendar and the location of auction.
  • Check dates for auction with auctioneer.
  • Finalize dates with staff, location, auctioneer and sign contract auction facility.
  • Create Power Point  w/bidding spreadsheet, aerial photos, Propertyi Pictures.
  • Call property inquiries 7 days before auction.
  • Call buyer meeting attendees 7 days prior to auction.
  • Order refreshments for auction day.
  • Verify facilities (chairs/tables/internet).
  • Contact auctioneer to verify and review.
  • Build auction run so clients can register.
  • Link absentee bidder contract.
  • Write auction introduction, highlights of property, and review reserve.
  • Day before auction, set up and run through auction run with projectors.

Conduct Real Estatei Auction, Provide Auctioneer & Ringmen, Administrative & Support Staff - We will conduct the real estate auction, provide auctioneer, ringmen, administrative, and support staff.  An office with administrative staff will be established to complete the sales contract, control earnest money, and anything else pertinent to the auction.  Cost paid by broker. 

  • Arrive 3 hours early to set up equipment and room to conduct auction.
  • Verify online bidders on auction day to either accept or reject.

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