We Sell Farm & Ranch Real Estate...Differently

For Rural Real Estate Sellers

Selling farm and ranch real estate can be a very complex and emotional decision.  Choosing the correct real estate brokerage company to sell your property is one of the most important decisions of the selling process. Very important decisions will be based on the experience and the expertise of the real estate brokerage company.  For many, this process is a once in a life time event.  The following describes what a seller should be looking for in a real estate brokerage company:

  • Trusti, Transparency, & Affairs Kept Confidential
  • Realistic, Respectful, Emphatic to Your Situation, & Straightforward
  • Listen, Hears, and Guides
  • Easy to Work With but Can Handle Any Situation
  • Knowledgeable, Knows Value, How to Showcase, Present, and Market properties                 
  • Gets the Job Done

A seller once said “The most important criteria for their family in choosing a real estate brokerage company was to have an Independent 3rd party and to hire someone who was not going to tell them what you wanted to hear, but based on their experience and expertise, the best way to market and sell their property.”

Reck Agri’s VISION STATEMENT is... We Sell Farm & Ranch Real Estate . . . Differently!

What makes us different? It is who we are, what we stand for, services we provide, and most importantly, our concern for the value you receive for the fees paid.

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