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We've had the opportunity to help to sell over 1,500 properties (nearly 700,000 acres) across Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. We have archived the last 3 years of properties Reck Agri has offered for sale and closed on for you to view the type of properties we have sold and, more importantly for you as a buyer and seller, to update and be current with land values. View details by clicking on the property listing.

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SOLD! Call Reck Agri Realty & Auction about the Heffelfinger Dryland, Cheyenne County, NE, Land for sale west of Gurley, NE. Great opportunity to purchase one of the best dryland ½ sections in Cheyenne County.  Mainly Class II soils. Landlord’s share (1/3) of growing wheat to Buyer. 327+/- Total acres.

  • Sold Dec 29, 2016
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SOLD! 378 acres of CRP Land for Sale, desirable investment / recreation property. Immediate possession, CRP contracts expiring in 2018 & 2022 with a total annual payment of $11,116.

  • Sold Dec 27, 2016
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SOLD! Larson CRP, Kimball County, NE. CRP Farmland for sale southwest of Potter, NE. Good opportunity to purchase 478+/- total acres of land with a $13,798 annual CRP payment. Possession upon closing.  No mineral rights available.

  • Sold Nov 22, 2016

Even though I didn’t consider an auction right away, it was definitely the way to go. But after seeing the way Marc handles an auction, I wouldn't even consider doing it with anyone else. Talk about integrity and honesty…

Barbara Weaver, Owner
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Morgan & Logan Counties, CO

South Platte River Hunting Land Auction

SOLD! High Bids $1,465,000! Both properties are located in major duck & goose flyways w/ excellent turkey & deer hunting.

  • Sold Nov 14, 2016
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SOLD! 10/21/2016 $208,000. Ring Dryland, Logan County, CO Land for sale northeast of Iliff, CO. Good opportunity to purchase a nice producing dryland farm with Class II & IV soils. Possession upon closing – if harvest completed.

  • Sold Oct 21, 2016
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SOLD! 10/7/2016 - $392,400. Call Reck Agri Realty & Auction about the Cannell Dryland, Sedgwick County, CO Land for sale southwest of Julesburg, CO. Great opportunity to purchase a dryland farm in an area that produces a variety of crops. Primarily Class II soils.


  • Sold Oct 7, 2016
  • Sold

SOLD!. West Sedgwick Pivot Irrigated & Pasture for Sale. 319+/- Acres in Sedgwick County, CO. 2 Parcels.

  • Sold Sep 14, 2016
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SOLD! Call Reck Agri Realty & Auction about the Welch Dryland & Grass for sale south of Potter, NE. Excellent opportunity to purchase 312+/- acres dryland & grass in the Sidney draw. Buyer to receive L/L share of 81.7+/- acres of growing wheat. Possession upon closing on grass. Mainly Class III and IV soils.

  • Sold Sep 2, 2016
  • Live Auction
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Yuma County, CO

Yuma County Dryland Auction

SOLD! $255,000 304.1+/- acres Dryland for Sale, Spring possession of 153.5+/- acres of wheat stubble, Possession of 150.6+/- acres of growing wheat upon harvest, No Minerals Reck Agri Realty and Auction Yuma County Dryland Auction 5/26/2016.       

  • Sold May 26, 2016
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SOLD! Call Reck Agri Realty & Auction about the Lechman Dryland, Sedgwick County, CO, Land for sale south of Julesburg, CO. Good opportunity to purchase a nice producing dryland farm with Class II & III soils. Possession upon closing.

  • Sold Mar 22, 2016

I've been to other auctions before, but the way Reck Agri approaches an auction is much different. By splitting the land into parcels, it really drives up the value. And come auction day, everything is done in a short period of time.

Tom Luft Auggie Luft Land