A Company is Only as Good as its Reputation

Denise Caneva

  • Morgan County, CO

Marc comes in and gets a complete hold on what's going on both with family AND the farm. He tries to understand the whole picture so he can represent your situation accurately and feels a responsibility to the family to make the sale a success.

Selling the family farm was hard. Since we couldn't run the farm from Arizona, we had to put emotions aside and make a decision that would be best for the family. Marc was a strong support system for the family, throughout the whole process.

Marc's expertise was phenomenal. He got out there, got his hands dirty, and did his homework on the history of our family farm. All his leg work and research paid off for our bottom line...having a successful auction.

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Heidi Hilton

  • Sedgwick Cty, CO & Arapahoe Cty, NE

We’ve sold two farms through Reck Agri. One had been in the family for 60 years and the other for 100. So it was a tough and emotional decision for sure. That’s why we chose to work with someone we could trust.

When Marc explained how they go about marketing a property, I knew I was in good hands. He uses a lot of different ways to get the word out so I was confident he’d draw a lot of interest so we could get the best price – and he did!

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  • Adams County, CO

Marc did a great job of walking me through the entire process, including the emotional decision to sell. I appreciate how he did this without crowding me into making a decision. He is a good listener and really respected my thought process throughout.

He heard my concerns and then helped me make informed decisions.

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Nancy Beck

  • Kasten Farms, LLC

It was my attorney who recommended Marc, and he impressed me from the initial meeting. It was very easy to work with him and I felt like he empathized with my situation completely. He showed me nothing but respect as I worked through the difficult decision to sell.

I always felt like Marc was looking out for me, not just himself and his company. That was huge in my decision to go with Reck Agri.

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Jean Branan

I recently sold land that was owned by my grandfather, then my parents. It was tough on me emotionally because I felt like I was betraying them. Marc guided me through it with great empathy.

I was most impressed with how thorough they were. Marc knew everything there was to know about my land before the sale. He asked a lot of questions and works hard to get the answers he needs to represent the property.

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Bruce Gerk

What I loved about the auction process is that it gave everyone an equal chance to buy. It lent a sense of finality to the sale and allowed for the absolute maximum value to be realized. Everyone seemed very content with the outcome because the expectations were clear.

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Barbara Weaver

The farm has been part of my family for over 100 years so it was tough to sell it. Marc was very empathetic and conscious of my feelings.

Even though I didn’t consider an auction right away, it was definitely the way to go. But after seeing the way Marc handles an auction, I wouldn't even consider doing it with anyone else. Talk about integrity and honesty…

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Tom Luft

  • Auggie Luft Land

I've been to other auctions before, but the way Reck Agri approaches an auction is much different. By splitting the land into parcels, it really drives up the value. And come auction day, everything is done in a short period of time. It doesn’t drag on the way it can if you sell the traditional way.

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Pauline Reker

The auction itself was impressive. It started with the Pledge of Allegiance, which set a nice tone. The auction was well organized and once it got going, it really got exciting.

Marc has a super team. They work so well together and made it all very enjoyable. I didn't have to worry about anything.

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Bob Meinzer

Our farm had been in the family for 65 years so we had a strong sense of grief thinking we were selling our family legacy. Marc and his team understood what we were going through emotionally and made us very comfortable with our decision.

Marc is a unique professional with a unique skill. He had our best interests in mind the whole time. I highly recommend him and his top-notch team.

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