A Company is Only as Good as its Reputation

Bruce Gerk

What I loved about the auction process is that it gave everyone an equal chance to buy. It lent a sense of finality to the sale and allowed for the absolute maximum value to be realized. Everyone seemed very content with the outcome because the expectations were clear.

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Barbara Weaver

The farm has been part of my family for over 100 years so it was tough to sell it. Marc was very empathetic and conscious of my feelings.

Even though I didn’t consider an auction right away, it was definitely the way to go. But after seeing the way Marc handles an auction, I wouldn't even consider doing it with anyone else. Talk about integrity and honesty…

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Tom Luft

  • Auggie Luft Land

I've been to other auctions before, but the way Reck Agri approaches an auction is much different. By splitting the land into parcels, it really drives up the value. And come auction day, everything is done in a short period of time. It doesn’t drag on the way it can if you sell the traditional way.

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Pauline Reker

The auction itself was impressive. It started with the Pledge of Allegiance, which set a nice tone. The auction was well organized and once it got going, it really got exciting.

Marc has a super team. They work so well together and made it all very enjoyable. I didn't have to worry about anything.

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Bob Meinzer

Our farm had been in the family for 65 years so we had a strong sense of grief thinking we were selling our family legacy. Marc and his team understood what we were going through emotionally and made us very comfortable with our decision.

Marc is a unique professional with a unique skill. He had our best interests in mind the whole time. I highly recommend him and his top-notch team.

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Greg Nienhuser

Marc has a vast network of people he can tap into on any given sale, both in terms of potential buyers and professionals such as attorneys, appraisers, bankers, etc. These relationships are key to his success.

Lisa Winograde

I could not have hoped for a better experience and outcome than we had working with you, Troy, and the rest of your staff. I felt comfortable with our decision and confident in your expertise and ability. I’m so happy it worked out as well as it did for all of us. We are left with many wonderful memories of time spent on that land, and love and gratitude for what was handed down to us by our Grandparents and Mother.

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Steve O’Neal

  • Fort Collins, CO

Marc and his team take a better approach than anyone to marketing the properties they sell. They have a deep database to help get the word out and the materials they produce are very thorough with good visual aids. It’s all about creating a stir before the sale. That’s why so many people work with them.

The Reck Agri auction process is what brings top dollar to the land they sell. By parceling the land into sections, they’re able to drive up the overall price. Plus, everyone walks away feeling like they had a fair opportunity.

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Pete Dusbabek

  • Fort Collins, CO

When it was time to sell, I had a small window to get it done and I knew Reck Agri could get it sold in a timely manner. They put me at ease because of their long track record of successful auctions.

Selling by auction is the way to go. The whole market is sitting right there. They’ll tell you what your land is worth, plus the auction itself is very exciting.

I saw great value working with Reck Agri. They were responsive and answered my questions. They handled every detail, which gave me less to worry about. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Work with Reck Agri and your property will not be a secret. They do a great color brochure and promote the auction with radio, print ads and online. There’s no question the word will get out.

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Monique Cannelll

  • Sedgwick County

I want to personally thank Marc for all the work he put in to make the Cannell Survivor’s Trust Auction successful. I was thrilled with the results and watched the auction with my daughter on the Internet. I think all the extensive advertising before hand help contribute to the high dollar amount we received.

Before the sale, Marc sent me notification of land sold that made me realize that the price of land in Sedgwick County had gone up so drastically. Marc was the ONLY Realty that sent me any information on what was going on in Colorado!

Thanks also to everyone else in the office who worked on this sale.

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