A Company is Only as Good as its Reputation


I will forever remember Marc's professional caring in answering my many questions and patiently “walking-me” through the auction process. I thank Marc for making an emotional decision to sell our family ranch as easy as possible.

Mark J Anthony

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for Marc's very professional service. We are so happy that we were referred to Marc by Lew Mehling. His recommendation was absolutely on the mark. I could not believe the ease of doing this farm sale. I have sold approximately 15 properties in the western half of the US and I must say this was painless. After our first meeting and I signed some basic paperwork, Marc did all the rest. He made it very easy. His staff is very well versed on what they need to do and are very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

The day of the sale Marc set up in the conference room at the Holiday Inn in Sidney was spectacular. My brother and sister watched the sale on the internet from California since they couldn't attend. They were very impressed. I didn’t know they were going to do that and when I called them to tell them the good news, they already knew it.

Reck Agri's advertising campaign and sales strategy was absolutely awesome. I don’t ever use the word [awesome] because I think it is overused, but I can’t think of another word to describe it. With Marc's connections and skills I figure we almost doubled the value we thought the property was worth.

I thank Marc and his staff very much.

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Sue & Roger Kilgore

We really, really appreciate the work Marc and his team did to very successfully sell our Trautman Farms land, and we look forward to working with them again.

Stephen K. Loos

I did want to take an opportunity to formally thank Marc for all of his careful efforts on my behalf in arranging for and implementing the auction sale of my family farm. The sale came at a critical time, and Marc was most helpful getting my family and I through it. I know it wasn't a big sale for Reck Agri, but Marc certainly made us feel like it was as important to him as it was to us. We are all most appreciative! I am happy to lend any assistance to you and your business possible.

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Curt Boell

  • Southern Kansas

Marc Reck of Reck Agri Realty handled the auction of 28 parcels of commercial properties and farm ground in Southern Kansas for the Bank. We had contacted several company’s to handle the sale and requested each to present to management their plan to sell the properties.

Mr. Reck’s presentation convinced management that the public auction process would most likely provide the best financial result. Mr. Reck did a lot of research on each parcel consulting with the local FSA, the property owner and tenants to ensure the information in brochures, informational meetings and direct mailings were as accurate as possible.

On the day of the auction he provided detailed information on how the auction would be conducted and had ample staffing to handle questions and ensuring all individual bidders the opportunity to participate in the auction process. The results were more than satisfactory to everyone involved.”

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RM Hough

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding job Reck Agri Realty & Auction did for us on our land auction. The timely and professional way that each and every process was carried out was innovative and imaginative.

The newspaper coverage, direct mailings, and their web site brought in prospective buyers and the information that was requested was handled with a professional attitude that made us confident that we had chosen the best and we were represented accurately and precisely.

The sales brochures were outstanding! The outline and dedication to correct details was another indication that we had the best, doing a job that few were qualified to do.

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Curt Pilkington

When I originally saw the commission on the potential sale, I thought it was excessive. After seeing the professionalism, attention to detail, hard work, and everything that was involved to put on this auction, i.e. color and detailed brochures, informational meeting, direct mailings, and how smoothly everything ran the day of the auction, I knew we had received a bargain.

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Lyle Brown

Here are some comments that I've heard since the Sale:

1. His background work in preparing for the sale was impressive.
2. His advertising (brochures, colored pamphlets, etc,) was well spoken of by everyone.
3. The actual selling process while it seems intimidating at the onset was well thought of by everyone I heard comment when it was over from the standpoint of knowing what was going on at all times and the ability to get involved until the gavel hit the table. Several people who did not attend the buyers meeting commented they appreciated his explaining at the start of the sale the process even though it took some amount of time.
4. The comment by some after the sale such as "If I was having a Sale I would probably want to talk to him about doing it" speaks volumes of the sale management and presentation.
5. ...it was impressively well done....

I would definitely echo these thoughts and say as the Seller I was very appreciative of the work by the Reck Realty Team!

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Alice Tuell

  • Phillips County, Colorado

My experience with Ben and Reck Agri Realty and Auction was very positive. My transaction wasn't simple; however, Ben was understanding, easy to work with, and always there to help me with the process. I always felt like I was in really good hands. He took care of what needed to happen - in a timely manner - for both me and the buyer to get the most out of the sale.

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