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What Reck Agri Does for You

If faced with selling your rural property, the following is what RECK AGRI REALTY & AUCTION will do for you...

Nebraska farm Owning farm and land real estate is one of the largest investments ever made by individuals with long-term ramifications. If the decision to buy or sell your rural or agricultural property is being considered, ask yourself the following questions?  

  •  Where do I start and what is the process?
  • What price do I do sell my property for?
  • Where do I find a buyer for my property? And, If I find a buyer, where can I have a contract written for me?
  • Do you own mineral rights and are you going to reserve the minerals? Are the mineral rights leased and - if yes - for how long?
  • What is my FSA base on the property?  How do I decide to split the FSA base between different parcels? How do I transfer FSA base to the new buyer?
  • If I sell my CRP, am I going to be liable for the maintenance of the contract after I sell?
  • How do I verify the water rights I have and then, how do I transfer what I have?
  • Who’s responsibility is it to order Titlei Insurance and furthermore, who responsibility is it who correct legal problems that arise?
  • Who coordinates between the buyer, seller, title company, lender, & surveyor?

farm and ranch real estate, reck agri, brokerA farm and ranch transaction can be complex, calling for many informed decisions. So what services does Reck Agri Realty & Auction provide, and what value can we add to the transaction? In short, we offer the needed expertise, knowledge, commitment, and integrity, to initiate and follow through on every phase of even the most challenging transaction.
Specifically, we:

  • Act as a Buffer and coordinator among all stakeholders.
  • Independent third party taking the emotion out of the transaction.
  • Buffer between seller and buyer, allowing all parties to the transaction to make sound, independent, unbiased, and unemotional business decisions. 
  • In any transaction there may be anywhere between 4 to 10 individuals involved between sellers and buyers, their attorneys and lenders, etc., thus we are the coordinator and facilitator.
  • Brokeri handles all the inquiries, phone calls, showings, and prequalifies and screens potential buyers. Thus, the seller need work with only one person, the broker, allowing limited interruption of work place and home life. 
  • Offers broader markets to sell your property through marketing techniques, buyer inquiries, referrals, and knowing where to find prospective buyers.
  • Issues can be dealt with in a timely manner in order to coordinate and structure a transaction to best fit the buyer’s and seller’s financial, tax, and legal circumstances.

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What Reck Agri Does for You

Preplanning, How to Sell & Price

Listing & Advertising

Compile Due Diligence Details

Getting the Word Out, Prepare for Auction Day, and Finding Buyers

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