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live auction viewing, reck agri, land auction, bid onlineWhy Reck Agri? Because we care about you and your situation.

Have you ever been in the position to sell property due to complicated circumstances like these?

  • A farm property has been in the family for more than 50 years, one parent or both have passed away, a son or daughter and family remain on the farm, the other siblings have moved away for one reason or the other, and now it’s time to settle the estate. The sibling on the property wants to continue to operate the family farm, and the other siblings would like their inheritance.
  • Mom and/or dad are aging and need money to support their later years, and their children have no interest in returning to the farm. Is it prudent to pass property or cash onto the family before death?
  • A couple is divorcing and need to sell property as part of a divorce settlement.
  • All or part of a property needs to be sold to pay off debt, or to dissolve a partnership, LLCi, corporation, and/or trust. 
  • Aging siblings who own property together want to sell before something happens to a sibling(s) and the remaining sibling(s) would have to deal with their heirs.
  • Or, with land values on the rise, you may simply be asking yourself, “Is it time to sell?”

At Reck Agri Realty & Auction, we’ve helped guide individuals and families through situations like these and other complicated, real-life scenarios by thoughtfully addressing common denominators such as: 

  • A lack of experience and expertise in handling these situations.
  • No exit plan, estate planning and/or partnership agreement.
  • Potential conflicts between family members, partners and bankers.
  • Strong emotions related to liquidating a property that has been in the family for years and/or a property that has served as a source of livelihood.
  • The need for a reliable personal representative, trustee or partner in a fiduciary position to settle an estate; abide by the terms of the trust; dissolve a partnership, LLC corporation, and/or trust; and still maintain relationships among family members and/or partners.

All too often, people faced with making decisions like these procrastinate out of frustration, emotional ties, and/or lack of knowledge and direction. Because we relate to our clients, we understand that “the hardest decision is making the decision," we’re here to ensure your immediate sense of relief when you know you’ve made the best decisions for your unique circumstances.

We may not know your personal history, or the emotional ties you may have to a specific property, or the individuals involved…but we’ll work with you to solve your unique challenges, and we’ll help you navigate the decision process for selling agricultural real estate. Then, once your mind is made up, we’ll help you execute on your decision as efficiently as possible.

In other words, at Reck Agri Realty & Auction, we have the Experience and Proven Results you need, surpassed only by our Integrity.

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At Reck Agri, we know how to:

  • Listen and understand your specific real estate needs and challenges.
    • Guide you through your transaction or other specific situation.
    • Value, showcase and market properties.
    • Make transactions happen.
    • Invest and excel in structuring a customized sale that accomplishes individual needs and goals.

The types of rural properties we’ve sold include:

  • Dryland, pivot and flood-irrigated land, ranchland, rural acreages and hunting properties. We also conducted the first successful water-rights auction in Colorado.
  • Liquidated property as part of bankruptcy court plan and served as a partition commissioner and court-appointed receiver.
  • Liquidated property to settle divorce settlements between a husband and wife, as well as lenders and debtors to pay off debt.

We’ve also sold property for – and worked with – personal representatives, trustees, partners, stock holders, CPAs, attorneys and heirs to liquidate property, we've settled and dissolved estates and trusts, and facilitated corporate, partnership, or family dissolutions. We’ve successfully worked with estates with up to 27 heirs, and we’ve worked effectively with a 17-member corporate board.

What else speaks to our experience with selling agricultural real estate?

  • We’re licensed in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas.
  • We provide a choice of selling land by auction or private treaty.
  • We pioneered the multi-parcel bidding auction format within our trade area.
  • We developed an online bidding platform to broadcast auctions in real-time. 



At Reck Agri, our track record and proven results speak for themselves:

  • 7/2010-6/2011 sales year, $36,231,740, 50,740 acres, 78 closings
  • 7/2011-6/2012 sales year, $24,460,698, 23,533 acres, 56 closings;
  • 7-2012-6/2013 sales year, $54,694,385, 43,021 acres, 64 closings;
  • 7/2013-6/2014 sales year, $32,371,935, 26,035.41 acres, 91 closings;
  • 7/2014-6/2015 sales year, $46,128,500, 35,274 acres, 92 closings;
  • 7/2015-6/2015 sales year, $40,710,500, 37,739 acres, 98 closings;
  • 7/2016-6/2017 sales year, $34,405,000, 22,718 acres, 76 closings;
  • 7/2017-6/2018 sales year, $35,762,851, 33,722 acres, 101 closings;
  • 7/2018 - to date sales year, $5,839,750, 4,908 acres, 28 closings;
  • Closed 1,534 transactions to date, selling more than 692,250 acres, $518,228,142 of real estate
  • Prices of properties sold range from $52,000 to $6,700,000
  • Size of properties sold range from 5 acres to 20,000 acres
  • Conducted 309 auctions, 359,694 acres, 1,529 parcels, 115% of target price 
  • Offered 20,000 acres at auction in 59 tracts, selling in 6 hours to 18 buyers
  • Average 76 days from signing listing contract to closing, when sold at auction
  • More than 12,507 auction attendees
  • Ranked 14th out of the top 30 auction companies by The Land Report
  • Colorado Chapter Realtori Land Institute’s “Realtor of the Year”
  • Sold 93% of our listings


When you’re dealing with something as important as land that has been in the family for generations, you need a trusted expert in agricultural properties – a straight shooter who is a knowledgeable, honest, and dependable partner.  

At Reck Agri, we don’t make special deals with other brokers or premature disclosures to special parties. Instead, we work hard to ensure a fair, unbiased transaction that’s a win-win for our clients and their buyers. As our client, you can count on us to be respectful, sensitive and straightforward with you at all times. Our qualified staff is known for being easy to work with, and for their abilities to handle any situation professionally, build consensus, and maintain confidentiality in all client affairs.

While integrity is as important to us as brokering a sale, we also understand your bottom line – namely a positive sales experience, and value and results for your paid commission. Our hands-on, common-sense approach; our experience, proven track record and strong work ethic; and our innovative selling process accomplish these goals, and deliver value and options that others can’t.

So, why choose Reck Agri Realty & Auction to sell your farm, ranch, or rural land? Because we provide the total solution to selling farm and ranch real estate…differently. 

All best, Always

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