We provide a choice of selling property by private treaty and by auction. To prepare a property to be sold, many of the same items need to be completed whether selling by auction or by private treaty. The main difference between the two is the platform of how offers and negotiations are handled privately or by auction. The following are the services Reck Agri Realty & Auction team provides:

  • Inspect and initially research pertinent information about property.
  • Prepare a market valuation of the property
  • Discuss with the Seller(s) their property, valuation, motivation, and the method to sale to sell their property to maximize value and solve their situation.
  • Once the method of sale is determined, enter into the appropriate listing agreements.
  • Finish completing 120-point due diligence checklist to finalize the information to be provided for the marketing and distribution to Buyer(s).
  • Serve as a buffer and coordinator between buyers, sellers, family members, attorneys, lenders, title companies, FSA offices, etc.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Reck Agri will handle all property showings, phone calls, and inquiries from buyers and provide any information requested to all parties.
  • Reck Agri, to the best of his ability, will prequalify and screen potential buyers.
  • Reck Agri will report to the Seller showing activity, customer comments, or anything relevant to the sale.
  • Address issues and questions which may affect the sale of property.
  • Provide periodic reports to update on showings, inquiries, advertising, comments, etc.
  • Contact lending institutions and business professionals with interested clients.
  • Work with buyers and sellers to facilitate 1031 exchanges.
  • Reck Agri responsible for all closings, including scheduling, communication & coordination between Buyer(s) & Seller, & assist in preparing the necessary documents
  • To prepare and present offers from the Buyer(s) and assist the Seller(s) in the negotiation of the private treaty sale between both parties.
  • Reck Agri to manage and conduct the live auction with professional auctioneer, ring men, administrative and support staff. Cost of auction to be paid by Reck Agri.
  • Provide auction platform via online bidding timed auction or a live multi parcel auction with internet bidding customized for your property.